Rosie, Brooke and James go bowling.

We are a family that likes to go and do. Before Tony, Stevie and Rosie hit town last week we knew it would be a busy trip. Silverwood Park and Minnehaha Falls were on our list. David got to show Tony his latest woodworking projects.Stevie had a couple great photo shoots. We celebrated my Mom's 85th birthday and let me tell you she was in fine form!! Can't wait to see the pictures Stevie took of that evening. And our Rosie is walking -- which is just the cutest -- tackling every terrain like a champ. 


    The girls are crazy about each other.

p.s. The kitchenette from Ikea (behind Rosie) and chair from Pottery Barn Kids are favorites at our house.

A picture from Daeger's backyard bon fire that I love.  We hauled out blankets because it was chilly while Brooke felt her dinosaur costume was the way to go.   

Our last night we bowled.  Alex and Nicole had been to Pinstripes before and it was a blast!

Reasons to take your family to Pinstripes Bistro, Bocce and Bowling:

  • friendly, efficient staff  (even though it's tailored to an adult crowd the staff made us feel very welcomed)
  • fantastic tenderloin sliders, sausage &peppers pizza, and grilled vegetable flat bread with fresh avocado
  • complimentary socks to go with the $4 bowling shoes
  • loads of fun with kids that like action