Sometimes I wish I liked coffee.

There's so much to like about quaint places that serve specialty coffees.  I enjoy walking into the smells, watching the barista hustle, hearing the frothers churning out espresso and lattes.  I wish I had acquired the taste for coffee when I was younger.  Once in a while I take a hit of someone's fancy-schmancy drink that has a tiny bit of coffee and think, yeah, I could like that.  Alas, I go to my fall back every time.  Tea.  I like all kinds of tea. 

With many places now serving craft beer and wine, salads with organic everything and sandwiches with fruit chutney they are extra cool.  A few new favorites, click the restaurant name for more information. 

The Copper Hen    

A sweet interior.  Excellent egg breakfast dishes.  The Bloody Mary's come with a miniature cupcake.  I don't drink Bloody Mary's but I saw several delivered to tables which is usually a good sign.  They take reservations and can accommodate larger groups. 


Groundswell Midway

Fabulous reclaimed Douglas Fir tables and a good place to chill with an electronic device, to watch people come and go or just look out the big windows for an hour.  They have an interesting history.

This 'Minnesota Nice' treat will capture your eye: regional wild rice, honey, cranberries, and orange-almond icing with a dark chocolate cut-out. 


Great scones for taking home to toss in the freezer.  The one on the left has cherries and on the right is a crumbled bacon, grated Gruyere with lots of rosemary savory scone. 

Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar

Thee place to go for waffles!  There was ample street parking the day I went.  I'd recommend you go at a non-traditional dining time because they don't take reservations and it's a smallish cafe.  Or just be prepared to wait in a long line because they are that good.  

If you want to meet up for coffee, I'm all in.  I'll have tea.