Photo storage for all those pictures you have on your phone.

Why is it so easy to take pictures with your phone camera but it seems a bit complicated when it comes to organizing and storing them??

What I do is super old school and not efficient.  If there are photos I want to save like this one

Brooke and I at Environmental Evergreens Farm in Maryland (November, 2012)

Brooke and I at Environmental Evergreens Farm in Maryland (November, 2012)

taken by David, I send them to my email address (making sure to check 'actual size' when prompted).  The images show up in my email and then I download them to my hard drive. 

Told ya, old school.   

There are great options for photo storage so I waded through a couple articles.  One of the easiest articles can be read here.  It includes a table with the pros and cons of several Photo Storage Services: Flickr, Google Photos, Amazon Prime, Photobucket and This Life

I have used Dropbox and Flickr.  Based on how much space you need, both can be free.  There was a small learning curve with Flickr but once I created a couple Photo Collections it got easier.  I like the way Flickr creates an attractive photo gallery that can be shared with others privately.  For instance, if I've taken a bunch of pictures (phone and/or camera) at a party or on a vacation I upload them to Flickr and send the link to family and friends.  It has worked fine but it won't be my long term approach for storing or sharing pictures.

Of course Apple has a solution to photo storage.  It's called the iCloud Photo Library and appears to be seamless for Mac users, and a couple other photography-crazy friends say it is very easy with other PCs. 

Facebook friends are great resources.  I asked what they are using. 

Janine's system is this, "I have an android phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) and I use Dropbox. I have things set for the photos to automatically go to Dropbox using wifi only. It uses way too much battery to not go the wifi only route. I then move the photos from Dropbox to computer files. I have the files set up by month/ year ( ie. June 2015). I also have some specific subject folders ( sunrise/ sunset, trees/flowers, for example). It's been working out very well and I haven't lost any photos since using Dropbox."

Samantha stated her go-to system is Google+

Nicole endorses Amazon Prime.  "I use dropbox and amazon better. Unlimited photo storage, separate app for my phone, and I have my settings so that my phone photos auto upload to my amazon account."

I think I'll be going with Amazon Prime.   Happy hunting for what works best for you!