An Artist's Vision. A Changed Man.

Michael Bellotti and I met at a photography event last summer.  I'm glad we did.  

Michael's background isn't like anyone else I know.  When I asked him what he wanted to remember most about this time in his life, he said "How much I have changed."  His journey is best told by storytellers Boyd Huppert and Jonathan Millot in an award-winning 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' article.

I wish you could see this portrait in person. 

It's breath taking and my picture doesn't do it justice.......

The afternoon I was in his studio, Michael was working on one of three submissions for the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium.  I grew up watching my dad paint for hours at a time so observing painter's paint has a familiarity.  It's a little like watching a dance - - steps toward the canvas, brush strokes, back away from the canvas, squint eyes, back to the canvas, swing to the right to pick up clumps of color, arms lift, repose.  

Aside from being remarkably talented, Michael is a dedicated small business owner.  As a sole proprietor in the art world that involves making canvas frames, art installations, managing marketing, supplies, and bills, client interactions and participating in lots of Art Fairs.  His success is coming from a place of long hours and gratitude. 

Michael offers classes to kids and adults; both on location and in his studio.  Learn more about his work and art classes with these links.

Michael Bellotti Fine Art  

Painting Classes    

Thus far, he has completed 35 oil paintings for families that have lost a child.  A phone call about a possible family that lost a child came in while we were talking. 

The Adam Carter Foundation

If you see Michael at any of the Summer Art Fairs, he would enjoy talking with you and tell him I said Hello!