Camera Care

  Try to keep your phone camera and camera equipment away from heat.

  1. If you are outside on a hot day, try to keep equipment out of direct sunlight when not in use and toss a towel over the camera.
  2. Take your camera with you instead of leaving it in the car or the trunk. 

Water is damaging as well.

  1.   Leave camera equipment in the bag until you are really ready to shoot.   
  2.   Use a filter and lens hood. 
  3.   Wipe it down with a clean dry towel/sweatshirt/t-shirt if it gets hit by moisture.
  4.  Cell phone pouches (see image below) are super cheap.  We've tried them.  They work great!
  5.   In a pinch at the beach, lake and swimming pool a Ziploc bag actually works for phones.  OK, you can't talk into the phone but you can still type and scroll through the plastic!

Amazon - a pack of 4 for $16

Clean the lens.

  • Use a dedicated lens cloth.  If you are using the same cloth used on eyeglasses or sun glasses the oils from your skin will transfer to the lens.  
  • A washable multi-pack of cleaning clothes pretty much guarantees you will have one when you need one.

Amazon $8.99 (Pack of 6)

Always keep your camera away from sand and salt.  

  1.   Avoid changing the lens at the beach.
  2.   Wipe camera equipment with a damp towel after time at the beach.  
  3.   Keep your bag off the sand.  It's better up on a table or chair.
  4.   Use the strap.
  5.  Always change lens over a blanket or a camera bag.  I learned the hard way thinking I had a firm grip on the camera body and lens and it slipped out of my hand....not good!
  6.   If you think your camera has been exposed to sand or was dropped in the sand, turn it Off and take it to a camera specialty store for guidance.