An Unforgettable Umbrella

Jill Emmer was the first local Instagrammer that I met in person, just a simple walk in the woods with lots of candid conversation and we became instant friends. 

Jill's traveling umbrella project began when she borrowed her mom's umbrella;  people admired her compositions with the colorful umbrella and began asking where they could get one.  Ideas sparked and now a handful of umbrellas travel from photographer to photographer as a way to meet new people and tap into their own creativity.  They are currently in Malaysia, California, Rome, New York, Minnesota, Australia, New Jersey, and London.  Midwest Living Magazine captured the project here and you can find more of her work here.  I think this Snapwire article gets at the heart of Jill.  She is collaborating on a book and wants to use the Rainbow Umbrella Project as a catalyst for raising money for charities.  In June 2015, the Huffington Post published an interview with Jill titled: "The Umbrella That Traveled the World".   

When the umbrella arrived on the doorstep I knew I wanted to take pictures in a variety of places.  Thanks to Jill for including me in her clever project. 

Amy among the grapevines at Indian Island Winery (Janesville, MN)


Just resting on a fancy new Porsche Panamera.  (Minneapolis, MN)


David on the rooftop of the Minnesota Children's Museum (St. Paul, MN)


  James & Elizabeth at the Minnesota Children's Museum (St. Paul, MN)




Two of my favorite models, daughter Nicole and grand daughter Brooke. (Shoreview, MN)


Wash Day (Blaine, MN)


Elizabeth in brightness (Downtown St. Paul, MN)



Russell on his very First Birthday. (White Bear Lake, MN)

Huge thanks to Amy, James, David, Elizabeth, Russell, Nicole and Brooke for participating in the Umbrella Project!