Summit Ave. Garden tour

Summit Avenue is a famous street in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is located in a heritage district where the homes are grand and preserved to retain their architectural foundation. Several of the houses are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a gorgeous 4.5 mile walk during any of our four seasons and what draws my attention even more than the stately homes is the landscaping. The variety of plants and trees feed my passion for gardening and landscaping. If you have an opportunity to drive or walk or jog down Summit Ave you will be in for a memorable day.


These photos were taken during the Summit Ave Garden Stroll, June, 2017. The event allows you to walk around and behind the private homes, often meeting with the homeowner and hearing the pride they take in tending to their fruit trees, annual flowers, perennials and vegetable gardens. The next garden stroll will be held Summer, 2019.



Thanks to the residents for the warm welcome into your yards!