a winter carnival snow day

Snow was hauled into the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for one of the newer events of the St. Paul Winter Carnival.  I love seeing the fairgrounds used year round and the mass of the sculptures and snow slide were perfectly suited for this space.   The sculptures were created in a couple days with judging completed on January 29th.    

It was a classic cold Winter Carnival day with bags of Carmel Corn and cups of cocoa galore.  The bright sky didn't warm things up much but that was in the favor of the sculptors that required chilly weather.   

Brothers Kurtis Klett (left), Keith Klett (right) and Mike Leider (not picutred) won the Sculptor's Choice Award and Vulcan's Choice Award.  This was their fourth year in the competition. 

Congratulations, gentlemen!


Thanks for organizing a fun family day, Saint Paul Winter Carnival Vulcans!