Trying a camera and lens without having to make a purchase.

Camera equipment is ex-pen-sive.  And sometimes you only need a piece, like a tripod, for a day.  If you want to try-out a camera, lens or related equipment without making the major investment there are options.

On April 18 and 19, National Camera Exchange will have equipment to try for free at the Minnesota Zoo.  Their super friendly representatives will help you get started and answer any questions.  No registration or fee required.  But you do need to pay the entrance fee to get into the zoo which is not cheap for a family so I like this idea of adding a camera experiment with it.  Just remember to bring your own memory card so you have pictures to take home!  Click the link for more details.

National Camera Exchange

There are companies that rent anything camera and video related.  Renting a camera might seem intimidating but they have point-and-shoot cameras and if you try a DSLR (digital) camera you can always put it on AUTO if the settings are confusing.  Wouldn't it be fun to take a different camera on a short trip or for a weekend of shooting-around-town?  Frankly, I'd be more overwhelmed renting a video camera but would try it if someone I knew could help.  I can totally see renting a video camera after a newborn is home and things have settled down a bit.  I'm thinking footage of a new puppy in the house would be fabulous too.
Click and learn.

Borrow Lens

Lens Giant



And who doesn't want to try one of these bad-boys.  Renting a drone for a day is on my long-term list of things to try.


I would be interested in your experience if you try one of these rental companies.