The GlasgowOliver Project: 14 days + 14 photos

A photo-journal by David Lee Glasgow and Julie Oliver. 

David and I met at a Walker Art Center get-together of Instagramers.  We decided to try a simple project - take a picture for 14 consecutive days and match them up at the end.  Start Monday, March 30th and take our last picture on Sunday, April 12.  No themes.  Nothing complicated.  Just shoot and align later. 

David's photos are on the left and my photos are on the right.  It's a bit surprising that several of the side-by-side images have a similar tone, which was random.  We take pictures almost daily, these were for each other.  And now you.

Everyday life is interesting.  

Monday, March 30 

Tuesday, March 31

Wednesday, April 1

Thursday, April 2

Friday, April 3

Saturday, April 4

Sunday, April 5

Monday, April 6

Tuesday, April 7

Wednesday, April 8

Thursday, April 9

Friday, April 10

Saturday, April 11

Sunday, April 12