Walking up with June and Rosie (now 5!) and other things.

Rosemary approaches the day with bed-jumping glee to say “good-morning, I missed you so much” because it’s been 8 hours apart, then snuggles in for warm hugs. She ends her days plum-tired. During this visit to Baltimore she turned from four years old to five years old with stunning blonde locks and a mind filled with clever ideas. Her formal classroom is a nature school program three mornings a week. And at this age, she learns something important each time she walks into a restaurant, library or bouncy house. She plays the ukulele. I adore this gentle child.


Happy Birthday, lovely Rosie!!!


June has my heart. Her morning approach is to stand near the bedroom door to see what Rosie does. She has some details to observe, then runs back to her room, returns with a book and reaches up for a lift to the top of the bed with a beautiful trusting smile. June’s little hand holds tight (lucky me) while pointing out all the things along the sidewalk. She knows what she wants and repeats what she wants until the appropriate amount of attention is paid and I think that’s grand. Now that June has gathered so many words she is a songbird with the sweetest expressions.


This delightful trip in February included dinner at The Point Crab House and Grill in Arnold, Maryland with extended family , visits to Tony’s new work space, Rosie’s school and the requisite walk to the local ice cream shop.

The last picture of David and Tony is a favorite from the workshop.

Love this one of the guys!