cannon river winery

cannon falls, minnesota

March 10, 2017

They have awards proudly displayed at Cannon River Winery for good reason.  The wines tried around our three tables were considered above average and the staff exceptionally pleasant rushing around to take orders and clean-up (Again, really sorry about that water I spilled all over the table, floor, someone's purse and pants....sheesh).  The team freely pours tastings at a long wooden bar resembling a church pew and they are eager to help you find a varietal that you love.

Many at surrounding tables were sipping reds and roses including a fabulous Mancini's Levee Red.  Since I like nearly any Riesling grape, I had a glass of Lorraine's White and was wishing on the drive back to St. Paul that I had purchased a couple bottles for home.  I am fond of what was presented as soft apricot and peach flavors that were not overly sweet.  It has me thinking about their Wine Club Membership or we'll just go back when the Amy Manette Band, which rocked the room, performs there again.   



indian island winery

janesville, minnesota

August 8, 2015

David and I went with friends to Indian Island Winery for the first time.  The heavy clouds did not dampen the experience or scenery at all.  It was lush - miles of rows of pretty vines on slopped hills. 

The land where the grapes are planted and cultivated was used by Native Americans for summer hunting.  There is a showcase of artifacts the owners have found on the property over the years working the land.  A part of southern Minnesota that holds a quiet beauty.

They have music lined-up for Friday and Saturday evenings.  Part of the reason we went (besides, duh, wine) was to listen to the fantastic Amy Manette Trio.   That's lovely Amy in black, she's a powerhouse of a singer.  It was a perfect evening.

I've often thought creating names for wines would be an interesting part of working in the industry.  Their wines have delightful names and the few bottles our group shared were very good.  The website provides excellent descriptors including suggestions about which wine to serve with seafood or grilled meats or pumpkin pie - good to know stuff.      


Island Smoke: $12.95

Prairie Wind: $12.95

St. Pepin: $12.95

Petite Ami: $12.95

Brianna: $11.95

LaCrescent: $12.95

Frontenac Gris: $11.95

Maiden Blush: $13.95


Hunter's Red Reserve: $15.95

St. Croix: $12.95

Marquette: $15.95

Village Marquette: $12.95 

Frontenac Rosè: $13.95

Dreamcatcher: $11.95


Indian Island Ice: $49.95

Frontenac Gris Late harvest: $14.95

 Napin-Nagi: $16.95

 Midnight Fantasy: $11.95 

Check out their website for retail locations too.  If you don't have time to make a trip to the winery their products are available in most Minnesota communities.