Fulton Brewery

414 6th Ave N
Minneapolis MN 55401


Hullaballoo atmosphere with a patio and large windows inside.  Super clean too.

They consistently have 7 - 10 exceptional beers on tap. 

Free samples

Craft sodas available. The Citrus Ginger Ale is a perfect balance between sweetness and tangy.  Highly recommended.

Families are welcome.  Families with young ones were there playing games on the picnic-style tables, coloring and a bit of children running around was not frowned upon....it's a festive busy place.

It's a taproom only - no food served but there is often a food truck on site and you are welcome to bring food from the truck into the building or on the patio. 

Located in the North Loop.  It would be good place to stop before or after a Twins Games but be prepared for a crowd.

Excellent logos means excellent t-shirts and sweatshirts.  The tees at $20 are a good value; fit well and great quality. 

Jessica (chatting with Brooke below) arranged our time at Fulton and we had a blast.  Thanks, darling friend!!

They are open Wednesdays through Sundays, and Twins home game days.  Their website: www.fultonbeer.com 


surly brewing company

                            520 Malcolm Ave SE, Minneapolis MN 55414

It took a couple visits to grasp what Surly is about, beyond the beer.  Walking up the sidewalk to the building I was taken by how large the place is and how shiny clean it looks inside.  The lights bounce off the floors and vats.  There is wide open space for dining on two levels and that all opens up to a massive yard.  The visionaries for this company think BIG.  Which may be how they intended to differentiate themselves from the other dozens of brew houses that have surfaced in the metro.   

On this particular week of May 5th (2016) I was invited to visit Surly twice; first for a private performance by members of the Minnesota Orchestra Symphony Brass in the Taproom and the second was a surprise 50th birthday party for my amazing younger brother Brent.  I soaked it all in, camera in hand and ready to learn something new about the world of Twin Cities brewing.      

They take pride in their location, close to major highways and bus lines in the Prospect Park neighborhood.  Tour guides tell their story of how a home brewer Omar Ansari goes from delivering kegs of their first beer Furious out of the back of his truck to being named a Top American Beer by Beer Advocate Magazine in less than two years to this multi-faceted company within a single decade. 

There is of course much more to the story so go here to see how the “Taproom Bill” AKA the “Surly Bill” was signed into law on May 24, 2011.  This was major for all Minnesota breweries.  After the bill passed, breweries could sell and serve pints of their own beer whilst people were there for visits and tours.

Their website surly brewing.com is fascinating because it helps you understand all they offer - - events space for large and small parties or students that want to gather for study and a Coffee Bender AKA Beer with Coffee added, concerts on the lawn, casual dining, and where they are engaged in community activities like restaurant launches and beer runs to raise money for local non-profits.  They appear to be interested in any hip opportunity to keep getting their name out there and genuinely supporting other companies.  One thing I kept hearing about was how fantastic the food was at the restaurants located in the building.  When I heard there was a three hour wait for a table while people packed the space it would seem the food is as much of a draw as their drafts! 

At the birthday party we sampled the appetizers and had a goat cheese berry-topped cheesecake, all of that was really good.  And the service was exemplar!  A definite great place for a party....and leaving the mess of party-people behind is always appealing.   

So the kids,

           were very much welcomed.  No, little ones cannot go on the tour but throughout the other spaces kids (longer-term future beer lovers?) can definitely be part of the scene.  Bean bag tosses outside and a kid's menu with Smoked Brisket with Baked Beans and Sundaes with Fresh Fruit Compote are always a good sign that the establishment is family-friendly.  

The reaction of my bro seeing us all at his surprise party at Surly tells you how happy he was to be there.  Drinking beer that he loves with people that love him.