The Saint Paul Hotel

each season has it's own ambiance

it is a charming northern hotel like no other


In Springtime, they plant more than two thousand annuals in the front entrance gardens and window boxes. There is a bench where you can watch people come and go and look for all these blooms: white alyssum, blue salvia, purple allium, pink peonies, blue ageratum, bright yellow marigolds, pink begonias, purple cleome, raspberry Angelonia, purple bearded Iris, Redhead coleus, hot pink impatiens, trailing sweet potato vine and Whopper begonia. 



Thousands of twinkle lights in the entryway welcome all.   The extra magic during Wintertime is just across the street where Rice Park is also lighted with white lights galore.   This is the season when I most enjoy an appetizer and cocktail at the The St. Paul Grille Bar, which is often voted as a Twin Cities' "Best Bar". 

Even though the hotel is elegant with dressed-up folks, it is a hotel with lots of hustle and bustle.  Be assured that children and cold weather casual attire are welcomed, and fit right in.  

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Afternoon Tea

After walking by people enjoying tea time in the hotel lobby for many years, I finally hosted a Tea for a group of friends and family.  I'm not sure why it took me so long because we had such a great time.  There are five small plate presentations and fine tea served in antique china cups.  Everyone around the table thought the food was excellent.  

If you have a weekend in mind or group, you will want to make a reservation well in advance.  Follow the link for information and dates - - Saint Paul Hotel Afternoon Tea


The Saint Paul Hotel

350 Market Street

Saint Paul, MN 55102