Happy National Donut Day

We have Salvation Army to thank for a National Donut Day.  In 1938, they established the first Friday of June as National Donut Day to honor the men and women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I.  One more reason to love the Salvation Army organization.

On Saturday, June 13th, David, Alex, Nicole, Brooke, James and I are tackling the TWIN CITIES DONUT CRAWL.  Wish us luck!

The numbers from 2014: 1,000 people attended, 3,300 donuts and 80 gallons of coffee were handed out.  The best aspect of this shindig is the donation made to Second Harvest Heartland.  Last November, the donation equaled 9,000 meals to those in need.

The businesses:


june 14 (PArt 2)

The sugary pilgrimage went down yesterday! 

It was a rainy morning but the donuts were fresh.  Based on our experiences, some recommendations for those attending this event in the future:

  • Go early if you want to get the t-shirt size you ordered. 
  • We arrived at 10 am and the lines were an hour long.  Go at the beginning or wait till the end when they are winding down and lines dwindle.
  • If you want to be practical about it, which you likely don't, one box of donuts (a single ticket) is plenty to share with several people. 
  • The organizers have several things to work out but it's a great cause.