my kurt jorgensen band journey

You hadn't heard of Brianna Tagg and Kurt Jorgensen?   Consider yourself introduced to two of the greatest musicians you could find.  They will wow you and you will want to see them a second time....that's a guarantee.


My brother Steve and I have been on a live band music kick for the last year.  We were in his big truck and Steve says "listen to this."  He puts in Jorgensen Tagg's CD titled "Love Wins" and I fell in love with the sound after the first three songs.   I tried to bribe Steve into letting me 'borrow' the CD.........ummmm, no.  But, he says, let's go over to P.D Paddy's Music Bar in Stillwater so you can hear them live.  Better yet, Steve says, I will email Kurt to make sure they have their newest CD there and I will buy you the "Love Wins" CD.  Deal.

Two weeks later I am sitting next to the stage.

The full band has opened for Foghat, America, The Little River Band and Joe Cocker - - big names , big outdoor festivals.  But here's the thing.  They perform in small places every month which makes them accessible to watch up close.  Their fan base is clearly strong when band members spend time chatting with familiar faces during breaks.

We are fortunate in the Twin Cities to have a ridiculous amount of talented musicians.  Add The Kurt Jorgensen Band to your list of must-see groups; both the full band and when Brianna and Kurt play as an acoustic duo. 

Is it the lyrics?  Definitely. 

Is it the soulful magic blend of guitars lead by Kurt?  Yes. 

Is it the life time commitment to making exceptional music by all the band members?  For sure.

Is it Brianna's powerhouse voice?  Absolutely.


Kurt Jorgensen - Vocals, Acoustic, Nashville Tuning, Resonator, Bass, Electric and Classic Guitar, Mandolin and Percussion

Brianna Tagg - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Hammond Organ, Piano and Percussion

Jeff King - Alto and Bass Sax, Flute

Lars-Erick Carlson - keyboard

Brenda Lee King - Bass Guitar

David J. Ross - Drums

C Harris - Conga/Percussion

Their website is evolving and it is an honor that some of my pictures will be part of their branding.  Find upcoming shows here.


All images property of Julie Oliver Photography, taken Sunday August 30, 2017.